All Our Mechanical Bulls Are"Texas Style"

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Archery Game

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Are you a fan of hunger games? We have the new attraction that will bring that special WOW! Factor to your next event. The 1st of its kind on the East Coast, bull’s-eye safety archery in a fun, interactive game that requires a lot of skill. The object is to shoot with your bow and arrow at the target. All the targets are electronics. It will keep your score every time you hit the target. Very competitive interactive game also great for team building events. We provide an operator to coach those that haven’t shot a bow and arrow before great for children and adults. All our arrows have FOAM tips. This makes it safe for everyone to participate. We have had a huge response on our bull’s-eye safety archery. It’s a real crowd pleaser! Bull’s-eye safe archery is a great game to rent if you’re having a theme party or a Western themed party.